xBonus Module 1.1 – Sire Tool


Analysing sires is a useful and underrated tool when handicapping a race.

The sire tool in Proform will allow you to quickly analyse the sires of horses running in the race you are viewing from 1000's of angles and see the returns to the same values you see in our system builder.

xBonus Module 1.2 – Presentations by Number of Runs


In this module we will look at the three presentations for number of runs in the last month, 3 months and 1 year.

Profiling by the number of runs in the short, medium and long term can throw up some very neat angles into horse fitness, sire robustness and a trainers habits.

xBonus Module 1.3 – Using the Number of Runs feature in The System Builder


In this module we will look at the number of runs feature in the system builder.

This is a very powerful feature allowing you query the number of runs in a horses career, last x days, last x months, last x years, in handicaps and in maidens.  

All 6 of these can be queried using a range of values and against all runs, runs on the flat, over jumps, on turf, on the all weather, over hurdles, in chases and in national hunt flat races.