Module 2.1 – The System Builder – Basics


In this first module we will start to delve into The System Builder.

We touched on the concept of The System Builder in Module 1.3 and we will now begin to teach you how to use The System Builder in more detail, beginning with the Basics.

Module 2.2 – The System Builder – System Results Explained


The second module will explain what information is returned when you run a system. 

We will also show you how to hide system results information you don't require and how to export them, along with how to access The System Builder glossary

Module 2.4 – The System Builder – Trainers and Jockeys


In this module we will look at how to use the system builder to analyse trainers, jockeys and combinations of both.

We will show you how to analyse against horses declared to run today, when having their first or second run for a new trainer and how to produce a trainer cold list.

Module 2.5 – The System Builder – Horses


You can use horse queries for many applications, in this module we will touch on two types of horse query:

  1. Horses preference for a course.
  2. Horses preference for the prevailing going.

Module 2.6 – The System Builder – Sires


There are many ways you might want to research by Sire, in this training session we will look at three ways of doing so: 


  • Sire Research in NHF races using Race Declarations
  • Sire Research of Course and Going Preferences
  • Sire Research of Race Distances