Module 2.5 – The System Builder – Horses


You can use horse queries for many applications, in this module we will touch on two types of horse query:

  1. Horses preference for a course.
  2. Horses preference for the prevailing going.

Module 2.6 – The System Builder – Sires


There are many ways you might want to research by Sire, in this training session we will look at three ways of doing so: 


  • Sire Research in NHF races using Race Declarations
  • Sire Research of Course and Going Preferences
  • Sire Research of Race Distances

Module 3.1 – Horse Notes and Race Notes


The Form Book allows you to enter notes against horses and races.

In this module we will look at how to enter horse and race notes, how the form book highlights horses and races with notes and how to quickly see horse and race notes.

Module 3.2 – Pace


Analysing the pace of race is a key element when handicapping a race.

The Form Book contains lots of pace information, which can help you analyse the pace in a race.

Knowing the pace of a race can lead you to all sorts of betting opportunities.

Module 3.3 – Draw Analysis


The draw in flat turf and all weather races can still play a significant role when you are evaluating a race or creating a system.

In this module we will take a look at two ways of analysing the draw.