Module 1.1 – A Brief Overview of Proform Professional


Over the coming days and weeks we will explore many aspects of Proform and guide you through the myriad of possibilities that Proform opens up to you.

Module 1 is a brief overview of they key elements you will need to know to get started with Proform and help you make the most out of your Proform Subscription

Module 1.5 – Advanced Filters in Our Form Database


In this fifth module we look at Advanced Filters in The Form Book.

Advanced filters are a very powerful part of The Form Book in Proform and allow you to restrict what you see form wise, when looking at a race.

You can filter out ground conditions, race types, amateur race form, race classes and distances and much more.

Module 1.6 – How the Race Worked Out


In this sixth module we look at the feature How the Race Worked Out in The Form Book.

How the Race Worked Out allows you to quickly see how the form of a race has worked out, the comments in running for a race and any entered horse or race notes, without
having to double click into the full race details and use the post form tab.

Module 1.7 – Pattern Matcher


In this seventh module, which is the last of Module 1, we look at the Pattern Matcher in The Form Book.

The Pattern Matcher allows you to find any distinct patterns in a horses form. These could be good patterns or bad patterns.