Filter Results


The "Filter Results" allow you to filter the results of any system you run through the system builder against the system results fields.

This is a extreamly powerful feature and below is a image of the filter results screen.

As you can see above the filter screen contains the same fields you are shown for the returns of a system you run.

You can change the operators for each filter by click the individual operator drop down boxes.
They can be changed to one of the following:- >=, <=, =, > and <

You can enter a value in one or more of the filters.

To reset all the filters to defaults click the Reset Filter Values.

Once you have your filters set, tick the Tick to turn Filter ON

When you now run a system the results will be filtered against the selections you make in this screen.

NOTE: The system you run still produces the full results, the filters are applied after the results are returned from the system builder engine.

How to Filter results in the system builder


During you race research there may be occasions where you will may need dig a little deeper into your system and therefore you will need manipulate the results. 

In this series of videos we will show you how you can filter the results of any system you run through the system builder in the Proform Professional Software.

Managing Global Form Filters


The Proform database contains United Kingdom form back to 1997 and Irish horse racing form back to 2009. 

Within the software, Global Form Filters allow you to restrict the Proform Form Book to a small subset.

By default, when you first install Proform, the global form filters are set at 4 years prior to the date of the software installation on your computer. 

You may wish to alter this date, so in this video we will show you how you can adjust the Global form filter date in the Proform Professional Software.

Quick Filter Status


The quick filters are the win and place filters and race type filters above the race card in data view and look like this

It is very easy to set the quick filters and then forget you have them set. You can then be working away looking at a race only to find, 5 minutes down the line that you forgot that you had set up a quick filter, wasted time.

To save this wasted time we have added a status update on the main filter button if a quick filter is set.

The main filter button is on the top right  under the race navigation buttons, when it is inactive it looks like this

Now when you have a quick filter set it will be displayed like this

Quick Filters in Proform


During your race research they will be occasion where you may wish to confine the information displayed in Proform to win/place form or a specific category of racing.

In this video we show you how you can restrict the form on display using the quick filters in the Proform Professional Software.