Get behind the stable doors using Proform


This webinar is all about getting the behind the stable doors to analyse the form of trainers. 

During the webinar we will show you how you can use different aspects of Proform to analyse a trainers record during a 14 day period and review relevant trainer reports on our web site.

How to Profile Trainers Using Proform


During the webinar we will show you how you can use Proform to identify the trainer patterns of Michael Appleby and how you can find those golden nuggets quickly using the System Builder feature.


Profiling Cheltenham


As we all march to the increasing drum beat toward Cheltenham, individual festival race plans are rapidly developing and NRNB offers are a plenty.

In the next of our winter series of webinars we demonstrated how you can use Proform to research trends for the Cheltenham Festival.

Using the techniques in the webinar, you can get started with your festival form study early because YOU don’t want to be that person who is trying to unravel that difficult to fathom Cheltenham handicap the night before the race.

You can catch the replay below and download last years post Cheltenham stats (2015) here

Well Handicapped Horses


In this webinar we show you how you can identify well handicapped horses using the Proform Software and Proform Race Guides