Can I install Proform on more than one computer?


Yes, you are allowed two licenses for your own personal use (Platinum Members Only).

This will allow you to run Profom on your desktop and laptop or at work and at home.

We do not allow shared subscriptions and we periodically check for any concurrent use of Proform. 

Data Scope


Below is the scope (time span) of the information within the Proform Database

  • Owners are complete in entire database
  • Sex of horse per run is from 2007 onwards
  • Damsires and Damsires breeding country complete from 2001 onwards
  • Sires and sires breeding country complete from 2001 onwards
  • Dam and dam breeding country complete from 2001 onwards
  • Original number of runners complete from 22nd May 2014
  • Exact distances from 1st Jan 2009
  • Original number of runners from 22nd May 2014

Do you offer free trials of Proform?


We don't offer any free trials because the software is supplied with a full 17 year database which is completely exportable, hence the reason we do not provide short term access.

Our minimum subscription period is 8 weeks and at our minimum subscription level of £1.78 per day for industry leading software that offers you:

  • An Electronic Form Book
  • Racing Database spanning 17 years
  • A System Builder
  • Horse Watcher
  • Profitable proprietary Ratings
  • Ratings Importers
  • A Bet Manager
  • Video Tutorials
  • Form Ratings
  • Speed Figures
  • The ability to research profitable laying systems and backing Systems
  • Ability to identify in-running back to lay, lay to back horses
We believe Proform offers unparalleled value and a worthwhile investment to augment your current own handicapping process.

How can I make a backup of the Proform Database?


In this release we have added a new backup and restore option which can be found from the options menu at the top or from the feature buttons down the side.


The backup feature looks like this 

The backup creates a full copy of the Proform database and stores it in the folder C:\ProformP\BACKUP\ and the backup file is called PRODB.bak

The restore asks you to choose Proform backup file created using the backup tool above and then will restore that backup over your database replacing all the data so it is important that you are aware of the date of the backup you are restoring.

This tool is an excellent way of keeping your two copies of Proform up-to-date. i.e. Backup on one computer and then copy over the PRODB.bak file to another computer or memory stick and restore it on that computer.


How can I unistall a previous version Proform Professional?


There are a various parts of a previous version which need to be be un-installed BEFORE the software will run correctly; please follow the steps below.

1: Un-install SQL Server
To un-install SQL Server open Control Panel and choose either

Add or Remove Programs in Windows XP/Vista
Programs and Features in Windows 7

You should now see a list of all the programs you have installed on your computer

We need to find the SQL Server entry and it will be one of the follow two entries

Microsoft SQL Server Desktop Engine
Microsoft SQL Server 2008

It may or may not say (PROFORM_RACING) after the entry name in the list. This is fine just choose the entry which matches closest.
If you are unsure then drop us a email or send a screen-shot or we can perform the un-install for you.

NOTE: There may be more than one entry for Microsoft SQL Server 2008, like Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Browser and Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Native Client, the correct entry to choose first is the one which says Microsoft SQL Server 2008 or Microsoft SQL Server 2008 (PROFORM_RACING)
It may then be prudent to un-install the other SQL Server 2008 items aswell.

Once you have found the correct entry then please select it and un-install it.

The un-install process should give you all the instructions you need but if you are unsure then please get in touch.

Once you have un-installed SQL Server then and only then proceed to step 2

2: Remove Proform Folders
You now need to remove the Proform Folders

Use My Computer to find the folder C:\prosetup and remove it
If it does not exist then move on to the next folder to remove

Use My Computer to find the folder C:\ProformP and remove it

Use My Computer to find the folder C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server and remove any folder with Proform in the name


3: Restart Your Computer
You should now restart your computer ready for the installation of Proform 


4:  Reinstall Proform 

Now login and goto the the Software Install area of the to the Proform website and download the relevant installation files