In this release we have added a notifications feature:

  • When the results are available for download into the software.
  • For non-runners and offical going changes.
  • When the 24/48 hour declarations are available for download.
  • When the race guides are available on our web site.
  • When the power ratings are available for download into the software.

Every minute Proform checks for any new notifications which are displayed in the box with the most recent at the top and they are timestamped per the example below: 

You can click on the yellow or green status lines to open the notification screen or you can also open this screen from a new feature button from the main menu or from the menus on the left.

When opened, the notifications screen looks like this:

The window defaults to “Stay On Top” which you can alter when you open Proform however your choices are not saved so you will need to set your preference each time you open Proform.

If you untick stay on top and turn off notifications then the window will not display but notifications will still be shown on the main screen in yellow and green etc, you can click either notification type to bring the notifications box back up again.

  • NOTE: Notifications don’t remove non-runners or change the going, you have to use the integrated non-runner tool to do this.


Original Number of Runners


We have added the original number of runners in brackets next to the number of runner’s label on the race cards and results.

This will allow you to determine whether there were non-runners in the race because the two values will be different.



The pace ratings and Pace % are a guide as to how a race will be run. They are calculated as follows :- we store pace abbreviations for each horse for every run it has, they can be either L for Led, P for Prominent or H for Held Up. Then to calculate a pace rating for an upcoming race we look at the last 3 runs the horse had and allocate points based on the pace abbreviation given as follows :- 4pts for Led, 2pts for Prominent and 0pts for Held Up, so for instance if a horse Led in all of it's last 3 runs it would get a points total of 12pts or if it was Held up in one race, led in another and was prominent in the third race then it would get 6pts. The pace rating column on the race card screen contains this total for each horse and from these the pace percentage column is calculated. To use these two columns is then simple, if a horse has a percentage of higher than 33% then it is more than likely that it will lead and could even get a soft lead. If there are two or 3 well clear of the rest then one of these will likely lead. Using these in conjunction with the pace details that are carried for each course and distance along with the draw stats is a powerful tool.



This set 1 if the finishing position was better than the horse’s SP (Industry) rank and 1 if it wasn’t.  This can be used as an indicator of a horse running better than the odds expect. 


Pounds LTO


The pounds in weight carried, Last Time Out. It is filtered to the same type of racing code (i.e Jumps/Flat) as the race you are looking at and only looks at form prior to the race you are viewing. 

Quick Hide on Notifications Screen


Quick Hide on Notifications Screen 

Before when closing the Notification screen you had to un-tick Stay on Top, then tick off.

We have now we have added a Quick Hide which does all of the above in just one click.

Sectional Timing Fields


Proform customers who subscribe to Timeform’s sectional timing service are able to import the Excel files created by Timeform into Proform. The benefits are: -

  1. Combined with Proform Speed Rating Class Pars to find truly run races you can spot outstanding performances on the clock at a glance.
  2. When Class Pars and Sectionals are used in conjunction with our Power Ratings you can find standout betting opportunities!

Once the files are uploaded to the Proform database using our importer it loads the finishing speed % data into User Rating 4 field and also if you wish to import the upgrade figure, this information is imported into User Rating 3.

Prior to this release our technicians had to manually update each subscriber’s data base to enable the fields to be displayed in the Proform Racecard.  This release makes these changes automatically.


Where can I see the data in Proform

Once imported you can see the finishing speed % in the user rating 4 field when looking at a result in the dataview, like so:

If you can’t see user rating 4 in the same position as above then right click on the heading line of the grid and click on show fields. From the dialog box which appears scroll down and find user rating 4 and move it using the arrows to position required.


How do I see the figures in horse form and prior form?

In the new version of Proform, once the Timeform figures are imported, customers can view User rating 4 (finishing speed %) in the horse form and prior form screens.

You can also now use the system builder to query last time out user ratings 3 and 4 and our speed figure LTO. This will allow to deeply query finishing speed %, upgrade figures and our speed ratings.