How to manage the list of horses in the Proform data view


After reviewing the race of interest, there may be occasions where you may wish to reduce the list of horses for consideration in the data view. 

In this video, we show you how you can manage a list of horses in the Proform Professional Software.

How to record your bets using the bet manager


Our personal mantra is that the best horse racing material that can be found originates from your own records.

By recording and reviewing your bets overtime you will be able to determine your betting strengths and weaknesses and in this video we demonstrate how you can easily record your betting activity using the bet manager in the Proform Professional software. 

How to remove non runners in Proform


Non-runners are a fact of life and can occur at any time throughout the day.

Once we are aware they exist, ideally we would like to remove non-runners from any list we are viewing.   

In this video, we show you two methods of removing non-runners from the Proform software. 

How to select and load multiple races into the data view


During your race research they may be occasions when you will need to select a number of races for analysis in the data view based on the race time or a specific search phrase.

In this video we show you how you can select and load multiple races into the data view in the Proform Professional Software.

How to use the calendar feature in Proform


Each day racecourses up and down the length and breadth of the UK and Ireland deliver races for our entertainment, enjoyment and betting.

If you take your racing serious and specialize in one aspect of racing you will need a quick method of reviewing the list of races carded each day.

You may also wish to review the results from a previous days racing.

In this video, we show you how you can use the calendar feature to help you search and review races on a specific date in the Proform Professional software

Irish Racing, Declarations and Results


Within Proform, Irish results are in the database back to January 1st 2009 

There are a few differences within Irish Racing when compared to UK Racing, as follows :-


Firstly Irish race prize money is in Euro's, so on the racecard and results headers in dataview you will see the Euro symbol, see screen image below.

Class of Irish Races
Secondly, there is no equivalent class numbering system for Irish Races other than for class 1 races, so we have created the classes for all Irish races based on the type of race it is and the prize money of the race when compared to similar races in the UK.

The calculation is fairly straight-forward and takes account of the difference between Euro's and Pounds Sterling and also takes account of the Official Rating ranges in handicaps.

The calculated classes give us an equivalent class system to UK races and allow us to create speed ratings etc

Ratings for Irish Races
Although the Irish races start on January 1st 2009 most of the ratings for Irish races do not start until much later, here are the dates for ratings within Irish Racing.

The following ratings all start from the Dundalk meeting on 28th October 2010, 
Stats Trn, 
Stats Jky, 
Stats Trn/Jky, 
Stats Horse, 
PRC Avg, 
PRC2 and 
PRC3 Ratings.

The following ratings all start from the beginning of Irish Racing in the database on 1st January 2009, 
Pace and 
Official Ratings.

Non Runner and Going Updates


The non-runner tool allows you to manually or automatically remove non-runners and make going changes as they happen.

Previously this feature was a separate application but in this software release we have now re-integrated this tool back into the software. 

You can access the non-runner tool from the options menu

When the tool starts it looks like this

To manually remove a horse(s), select the date, meeting and race from the drop down menu, then tick the check box next to the horses name then select “Remove Selected Non-Runners” button.

You can set up the non-runner tool to auto update every 5 minutes via the “Auto Mode” check box. Selection this box will remove non-runners and change the going automatically.

If you don’t want the tool to manage going updates and non-runners for you, you can close the non-runner tool or untick the auto box and it will then only remove runners when the “Auto Mode” box is checked.

You can change the behaviour of the window by selecting the “Stay on Top” checkmark in the bottom right corner.