Fate of Favourites


On average the favoruite wins 1 in three races.

However this statistic is not consistent and as we shall see in this video, the Proform Race Guides have a handy table which identifies the historical fate of the favourites in each race. 

Horse Going Grid


Using this grid you will be able to review the performance of the horse under different going conditions and therefore identify patterns or preferences.

OR vs. HiOR


There are many factors we need to consider when seeking to have a bet in a handicap race and one of those factors is the horses handicap mark i.e. the horse’s official rating.

The reason is that if we can identify horses that are well handicapped then effectively what we have found is potential winners in waiting.

This video shows you how we can use the Proform Race Guides to determine which horses in the race are well handicapped.

Pace Maps


Pace analysis helps to us to understand how the race will unfold when the race starts

Gathering the pace information for each horse in the race requires data from different sources. 

However in the Proform Race guide we have collated this information for you in a useful graphic called our pace map and in this video we demonstrate its features and benefits

Past Performance Grid


Using this table you will be able to review the horse’s overall career record and the horses performance at the race distance, Class and at the course.

Positive and Negative Indicators


These columns indicates how many positive factors and negative statistical factors for each horse.

Using our positive and negative indicators you can factor this information into your decision making process.

Proform Race Guides Overview


This video describes the following columns in the Proform Race Guide - Saddle Cloth Number, Horse, Form, Silks, Age, Weight, Trainer, Jockey Offical Rating