Equipment – the headgear the horse is wearing. The abbreviations are as follows and can be combinations of any of them. Also a 1 signifies the first time wearing of the headgear shown :-
b = Blinkers
p = Cheek Pieces
es = Eye Shield
h = Hood
t = Tongue Tie
v = Visor
ws = Wind Op

Exact Distances


In this release, we have added the exact distance of the race in brackets after the distance label on the racecard and results screen.

If there are no brackets, then the distance is already the exact distance.

In a future software releases we will be moving to just exact distances in the software but for now in some cases we will show you two distances. 

Finishing Position


This is the horses finishing position. When the horse did not finish these are the abbreviations used:-

WD = Withdrawn
DQ = Disqualified
CO = Carried Out
UR = Unseated Rider
SU = Slipped Up
BD = Brought Down
FE = Fell
VO = Void
RR = Refused to Race
RE = Refused
PU = Pulled Up
RO = Ran Out

In the system builder and on data exports the finishing position for horses who did not finish are code numbers as follows:-

244 = Withdrawn
245 = Disqualified
246 = Carried Out
247 = Unseated Rider
248 = Slipped Up
249 = Brought Down
250 = Fell
251 = Void
252 = Refused to Race
253 = Refused
254 = Pulled Up
255 = Ran Out

Form Book Overview


Proform Professional is the only all-in-one horse racing form book that has been the professionals’ choice since 1995.

If you’re looking for powerful racing statistics and dynamic horse ratings then there is only one computer form book and research tool for UK and Irish horse racing you should be using and in this video, we provide an overview of the Proform formbook in the Proform Professional software.

Highest Class


Highest Class

The HC field is a high class indicator field, it works like this :-
The software looks at the last x runs for the horse under the same code of racing as today and notes the highest speed rating achieved in these x runs. It then grabs the class of race that this speed rating was achieved in. This is what is displayed in the column.

x runs can be changed in the preferences under the speed rating tab and defaults to 3

It also works with any filters set. So for instance with no filters set, it is looking at the last x races from the same racing code in races prior to the race you are viewing, and finds the highest speed rating and displays the class of the race.

If you had filters set to ignore turf races and you were viewing a turf race then no HC class figures would be shown.

Horse Stats


This is the horses statistical rating and is calculated using the following criteria:- form at today's course, today's distance, this season, last 5 seasons, form for the trainer at today's course, today's distance, this season, last 5 seasons, form for the jockey at today's course, today's distance, this season, last 5 seasons and form for the trainer/jockey combination at today's course, today's distance, this season, last 5 seasons.

Horse Watcher Notification


On the welcome screen the horse’s watcher list at the bottom will now display not just horses running today or tomorrow but also horses declared at the 48-hour stage if the decs are loaded into Proform.