Max and Min Rating Value


The maximum and minimum values for each rating are as follows:-
Main Ratings = -400 to 375
Main+Stats Ratings = -650 to 770
Stats Ratings = -400 to 400
Tissue Ratings = 0 to 170
PFR Ratings = -12 to 140
Trainer Stats Ratings = -50 to 100
Jockey Stats Ratings = -70 to 100
Trainer/Jockey Comb Stats Ratings = -50 to 100
Horse Stats Ratings = -360 to 100
Pace Ratings = 0 to 12
Official Ratings = 0 to 179

My first system in Proform


We will assumed that you have completed the installation process seeking guidance on how to use the system builder or pointers to enable you to develop your own system so to get your started, in this video we demonstrate how to enter and evaluate a simple system using the Proform Professional Software.

Name Searches in System Builder


When creating a new system, it can be difficult to find the name the correct name you are looking for, therefore in this software release we have added a search facility for any field where you see a magnifying glass 


Name searches can be applied to the following fields in the system builder

  • Horse, Trainer, Jockey, Dam, Sire, Damsire, Owner, LTO Trainer and LTO Jockey.

If you click on the magnifying glass Icon, the following dialog box will appear


Similar to the full text search feature, you can search for items that begin with the letters you type or contain the letters you type by choosing the different option highlighted in the image above.

A full text search will start after you have typed at least 3 characters after which a list of all matches will be displayed.

If you find your match you can click it to select it and then press select at the bottom and the relevant field back in the system builder will be filled in by your selection and the search screen will close.


Or you can double click the one you want and the screen will close and the field in the system builder field will be populated with your selection.

Note: The screen is a dialog so you cannot use the rest of the software until you have either chosen a search result, pressed the close button or the ‘x’ in the top right hand corner of the dialog box. 

New LTO Fields in Ratings Speed & User Tab


At the bottom of this screen we have added thirteen new fields for querying LTO user rating ranks, values and clearbys and also LTO speed figure.

Primarily we added these for those of you using sectional times data from Timeform. This is imported into user rating 4 (the finishing speed %) and user rating 3 (upgrade figure).

Now that you can query the last time out values stored from the sectionals more analysis can be performed.

  • i.e. you could look at last time out AW races at class 4 level which has a class par speed figure of 66 and then enter >66 in the LTO Speed Rating and then experiment with the upgrade and finishing speed figures, say something like >0 for LTO User Rating 3 value field (upgrade figure) and >100 for LTO User Rating 4 value field (fin speed %).

This would show you the bottom line figures for horse who last time out ran in a AW class 4 race and recorded a speed figure above par and also a upgrade better than 0 and a finishing speed better than 100%, so in essence we have found horses who ran in a truly run class 4 AW race producing a better than par figure and a upgrade above 0.

You could do this for all the different classes and race types and find some very neat profitable angles.

All the class pars can be found here 

New Ratings Presentations


In this software release we have added presentations for LTO User Rating Ranks and Values for all 4 user ratings.

This feature should help when researching your imported ratings and specifically sectional finishing speeds and upgrades in user ratings 4 and 3 if you are using them.

We have also added a LTO speed rating value presentation.  This is unrelated to the static speed figures; you can could query these in the previous version of code.

This feature allows you to query the actual speed figure produced last time out regardless of code of racing.

Owner Data


In this release we have added the ability to query the system builder by the owner of the horse. This feature is available under the horse tab as shown in the image below:

There will be a magnifying glass icon, like this  next to any field in system builder that you can perform a search on.

If you click on the magnifying glass you will see a new dialog pop up that will allow you to search for any characters in that name field or use wild cards i.e. “*” in the name

You can learn more about this feature under in the “Name Searches in System Builder” section of this document. 

The ability to search, query and display owner data can be found in the following areas


Presentation by owner added and also as a report to the full reports button.


Owner added to horse form tab.


Owner added to prior form tab.


Owner added to post form tab.


Owner added to race card and results views.


Owner added to system builder preferences tab.

Pace Abbrev


Use the horse pace abbreviation filter to restrict your system to horses who led, were prominent, held up or a combination of any.

By unticking one or more pace abbreviations, you can ignore runners that ran in that style.

If all pace abbreviations are ticked, then all races will pass the pace abbreviations filter.

You can quickly select or de-select all pace abbreviations by right clicking on the list of pace abbreviations and making your choice from the resulting popup menu.

Here are the pace abbreviation full descriptions:-
L = Led
P = Prominent
H = Held Up

Warning: The pace abbreviation is after the event so can only be used for research not for building a system that would provide qualifiers