How to query open age handicaps in the system builder


All aged handicaps as implied by the title are races where the age conditions for each horse is wide. 

There are a number of races of this type carded throughout the year and for turf handicaps in particular there is a mixture of older horses where their form is exposed running against younger horses that have yet to show their potential. 

As always the trainer’s ability plays a key role in a horse’s development and knowledge of their record in with younger horses in handicaps forms part of the selection process. 

In this video we show you how you can determine which trainers exceed expectations when aiming their 3yo horses at all aged handicaps using the unique tools within Proform Professional.

Impact Value Calculations in System Builder


An impact value (IV) is an index figure calculated by dividing the percentage of winners possessing a particular characteristic (for example, sporting first-time headgear) into the percentage of runners that possess the characteristic.

 A value of 1.00 would indicate horses with a particular characteristic win no fewer or no more than those without that characteristic. Below 1.00 is indicative of underperformance, above 1.00 is above expectation.

In this release, the IV calculations have been altered in that they are now calculated on a line by line basis as follows

  • (runs divided by wins) divided by  (no of races divided by  no of runners in races)

This means an IV can be calculated for any individual line rather than comparing a group of items against each other. Therefore you can now compare individual items such as a trainer’s record with headgear.

Also the place IV and win and place IV also now recalculated in the same way.

Lay P/L BF


This is the P/L to Betfair SP if you were to lay all the selections and will include commission if you have set any.

i.e. if you lay a 10/1 shot and it wins -10pts would be taken off this total but if it lost then 1pt minus commission would be added to this total.

NOTE:This is settled on a per market so if you are laying more then one horse in a race then the commission is calculated correctly. 

Loop Research Odds (START) and (END) (In Running Tab)


Use the lowest in running start and end filters to loop around a range of research odds.

Lets say you want to look at a course and see how various in running low odds workout for blanket laying of the field.

You would choose your course and your range of in running low odds, so that might be Towcester and 1.02 to 1.30.

You would choose your course from the course tab and then enter 1.02 in the low ir start box and 1.30 in the end box and click the loop button.

This would then run system builds for each of the research odds and show you the returns to laying the field at each of the odds.

You can also set the loop increment to whatever jumps in price you require.