Draw and Pace Stats Impact Calculations


The draw IV’s on race cards in dataview, on the draw summary screens and in the race guides now all use the new IV calculation as follows:

•             (runs divided by wins) divided by (no of races divided by no of runners in races)

In the draw summary screens any Level Stakes Profit calculation (LSP) is based on Exchange SP rather
than Industry SP.

The same logic applies to the course and distance pace stats on the race cards and race guides.

These stats are periodically updated and always updated if a new distance is used at any course. The
data is automatically updated during the declaration and results updates.

How to quickly find the draw stats for a specific racecourse


In flat racing only, the term “draw “or “stall berth” is the position across the course from where the horses must start the race. 

At some courses, the draw bias can play a significant part in determining the outcome of the race and knowledge of this factor can provide a distinct advantage to the punter.

In this video, we show you how you can quickly find the draw statistics for a specific racecourse distance in the Proform Professional software.