New LTO Fields in Ratings Speed & User Tab


At the bottom of this screen we have added thirteen new fields for querying LTO user rating ranks, values and clearbys and also LTO speed figure.

Primarily we added these for those of you using sectional times data from Timeform. This is imported into user rating 4 (the finishing speed %) and user rating 3 (upgrade figure).

Now that you can query the last time out values stored from the sectionals more analysis can be performed.

  • i.e. you could look at last time out AW races at class 4 level which has a class par speed figure of 66 and then enter >66 in the LTO Speed Rating and then experiment with the upgrade and finishing speed figures, say something like >0 for LTO User Rating 3 value field (upgrade figure) and >100 for LTO User Rating 4 value field (fin speed %).

This would show you the bottom line figures for horse who last time out ran in a AW class 4 race and recorded a speed figure above par and also a upgrade better than 0 and a finishing speed better than 100%, so in essence we have found horses who ran in a truly run class 4 AW race producing a better than par figure and a upgrade above 0.

You could do this for all the different classes and race types and find some very neat profitable angles.

All the class pars can be found here 

Proform Speed Ratings Class Pars


Class Pars are the median figures for winners for each class of race in each of the five race types.

The data used is for UK horse racing since 2006. Here are the tables of class pars for flat and jumps.

How to Use Class Pars

One way is to only look at horses in a race that have clocked a speed figure that is higher than the median for that race type and class.

Lets look at an example using Last Time Speed Ratings.

From above we can see that the median speed rating for Class 1 AW races is 76.

If we use the system builder to analyse Class 1 AW races from 2006 onwards and then add in a parameter of <76 against the Last Time Out Ratings field on the Speed Ratings by Value tab

and run the system, we are returned :-

This shows how horses who last time out did not achieve a speed rating equal to or higher than the median for the class of race ran. 

If we then change the speed ratings value parameter to >=76, the results are

We can see straight away that this is twice the strike rate of the query above.

This tells us that horses who achieved a speed rating of at least 76 last time out hold a much better chance of winning in class 1 AW races.

The rating of 76 we used is equal to the class par for class 1 AW races.

Of course you don’t need to look at just the Last Time Out speed ratings, you could use any of the speed ratings.

Find out more about our

Dynamic Speed Ratings

Static Speed Ratings

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Sectional Timing Fields


Proform customers who subscribe to Timeform’s sectional timing service are able to import the Excel files created by Timeform into Proform. The benefits are: -

  1. Combined with Proform Speed Rating Class Pars to find truly run races you can spot outstanding performances on the clock at a glance.
  2. When Class Pars and Sectionals are used in conjunction with our Power Ratings you can find standout betting opportunities!

Once the files are uploaded to the Proform database using our importer it loads the finishing speed % data into User Rating 4 field and also if you wish to import the upgrade figure, this information is imported into User Rating 3.

Prior to this release our technicians had to manually update each subscriber’s data base to enable the fields to be displayed in the Proform Racecard.  This release makes these changes automatically.


Where can I see the data in Proform

Once imported you can see the finishing speed % in the user rating 4 field when looking at a result in the dataview, like so:

If you can’t see user rating 4 in the same position as above then right click on the heading line of the grid and click on show fields. From the dialog box which appears scroll down and find user rating 4 and move it using the arrows to position required.


How do I see the figures in horse form and prior form?

In the new version of Proform, once the Timeform figures are imported, customers can view User rating 4 (finishing speed %) in the horse form and prior form screens.

You can also now use the system builder to query last time out user ratings 3 and 4 and our speed figure LTO. This will allow to deeply query finishing speed %, upgrade figures and our speed ratings.