Using the Daily Stats area to create systems


A cool way to come up with a system is to look at the Daily Stats area. Each individual stat gives you the winners, runners, percantage of winners, expected winners, A/E, chi score and profit and you can use this as a baseline for a new system. 

When you are on the homepage of the website click on Daily Stats on the banner at the top of the page (on mobile you can access it form the hamburger menu). Then click on the magnifying glass next to search all races and this will then bring up a whole host of stats.


When the next page loads you will see each stat plus how well they have perfomed using the various indicators. The geen squares represent how high the A/E figure is, so when the A/E figure starts to decrease the green squares will also start to decrease.


As a good starting point a system should ideally have at least 5 expected winners. Below this 5 expected winners threshold there could be a few high priced winners skewing the results!
To restrict by expected winners on the daily stats area just enter >=5 in the Exp column box and then press tab to move to the next box. This will then filter the results below to show stats with 5 expected winners or more.


The list below is filtered to show all stats with 5 expected winners and above, and then sorted by the winning percentage. To sort a particular column just click the column you want to sort and it will sort it in ascending order and descending order. The stat I am going to focus on and re-create in the system builder is Kerry Lee in Novice Handicap chases.

To re-create this stat we start in the race tab of the system builder and only select Chase in Race Types and Handicaps in the Handicaps/Non-Handicaps.


Then we move onto the Classifications tab and only select Novice. A quick way to do this is to right click and de-select all and then click on Novice.


Then lastly we need to go the horse tab and enter Kerry Lee in the trainer name. If you don't know how the trainer is named in Proform you can click the magnifying glass next to the trainer entry field and perform a search.


Click on run sytem and you will then see the results. As you can see they match what was on the daily stats page. Also by running them in the system builder and saving it you will be notified of any future qualifiers.


There are 1000's of stats every day in the daily stats area.  Have a browse sometime, you just might find your next Proform system!