Business to Business



No other product or service is able to match the capabilities of Proform!

As well as providing our subscribers:

  • An  exceptional and fully featured formbook which has become the choice or industry professionals and pundits.
  • Industry leading Info Graphical Race Guides.
  • Robust statistics which point you toward unique angles and profit pointers in every race, every day.


By working closely with Proform, we can also provide the following to business partners on a commercial basis:

  • Bespoke statistical information for your organisation that is robust, accurate and unique.
  • Literally 100’s of statistically significant pointers and angles not available in the public domain.
  • Our software can quickly identify statistics you can use to augment your website with differentiated content.
  • A daily file in a variety of file formats to fit your needs.
  • Detailed blog content with relevant supporting data for a specific race, course or racing event such as Cheltenham, Aintree, Ascot or Glorious Goodwood.


Take a look at our brochure at this link to read more about what we can offer and don’t hesitate to contact me directly with any questions or queries about our Business to Business products and services.




Simon Walton

Proform Racing Limited
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