How to find ratings, race guides and tools on the Proform web site


If you are a Platinum member as well as access to the Proform Professional Software your level of subscription includes access to our ratings and tools and his this video we show you where you can access and download the items displayed on the screen from the Proform web site.

How to update the database with declarations and results


If you leave your computer switched on overnight with the Proform software running, it will automatically connect to the Proform update servers just before midnight and download the declarations and results that are available at the time. 

However, manually downloading the data is a simple task and in this video, we show you how you can update declarations and race results in the Proform Professional software. 

How you can determine your subscription expiry date


When you join Proform, your software subscription currently lasts for the period of 8 weeks. 

Obviously it would be wise to ensure your subscription does not lapse because when this occurs the software is automatically disabled. In this video I will show you where you can determine your subscription expiry date in the Proform Professional software. 

Narrowing the Field Using Proform


The first stage in framing a race is identifying all horses that have a chance of winning.

The outcome of this exercise is a short-list of contenders of which one or more could form part of any potential bet and in this video we provide some pointers on how to narrow the field using the Proform Professional Software.

Proform Quick Start Guide


In this video we point you toward some essential videos you should watch to get you started with Proform.

Proform Software Overview


Proform Racing Ltd was established in 1995 after many years of research and development resulting in the delivery of the first software product in 1999.

By delivering a new graphical way of viewing the performance of each horse in a race, Proform has become one of the leading tools for serious racing form analysts and punters and in this video and we provide a brief overview of the Proform Professional Software.