Why Use the Proform In Running Module


The in-running (IR) module is a significant addition to anyone who has an interest in how a race develops IR or wants to see how a horse trades during their performances.

We realise that IR betting is not for everyone but there are many misnomers about this form of betting and the images that it conjures up.

You don’t necessarily need to be the fastest finger or have the quickest pictures; some manual dexterity helps but we feel that having the data and prior knowledge of how a horse will trade is far more important. If you like what we have created here is an IR formbook.  

We of course need to make it clear at this point that like the official formbook it is not just a question of reading that and finding all the answers and horses don’t always run to form and repeat again and again, but you are more likely to have a far better chance of making your betting profitable if you have the information at your disposal.

One of the simplest tools available in the in-running module is the ability to see on how many occasions a horse has traded at a certain percentage lower than its Betfair SP (BSP).  This of course would give you a clue as to if a horse was worth considering as a back-to-lay vehicle.

Many punters now are happy to at least cover their initial investment by laying their stake IR at a shorter price than they backed it originally, thus essentially giving them a free bet. Of course there are extensions of this tactic and some punters will lay back more than their stakes at shorter prices on their original selection to give them a profit on all the runners in the race, producing what is known as a “green book”.

The point we are trying to make here is that within the Proform IR module you will have the capability to assess all of that information about a selection and see how many times it has traded as a particular percentage below BSP, what prices it has traded at, plus of course all the other factors that exist on the database.

You may for example want to just see the runs as a certain track or on a particular type of ground. As with the main Proform database all of those facilities will exist to really drill down into the data.

Already in the Proform database are pace ratings and descriptions of the running styles of horses, they are of particular interest if you want to see how a horse is likely to trade IR and any race analysis is going to improve for having that sort of knowledge.

If you like you are trying to create a mental picture of how a race will play out before it is run. These pace and running style descriptions are now augmented by the actual data of how a horse has traded during the race so you can see the ebbs and flows of the price during the race.

This will give you a good idea of how IR players have reacted to the run style of a horse; again it may well be that on examining a short-priced favourite and its IR history you can see that it has always traded at a bigger price IR due to a particular trait in its run style.

Many players would then be happy to back the horse in question IR and obtain a bigger price than pre-race, and as we all know there are many examples each day of horses trading at way above their BSP and still going on to win.

In summary, the Proform IR module will give you that information at your fingertips and can identify horses who do this on a regular basis and still go onto win.