Sectional Times

Do you want to start using Sectional Times?

Get the edge over the majority of punters and start using them today.

After a period of development and testing, we are proud to announce the release of a program that will allow you to import the new sectional time Excel files created by Timeform into the Proform Software.

We have been using their data for a while and after extensive research we have determined that ‘finishing speed %’ and the 'upgrade figure' is all that’s needed from their sectional data to give you that all important edge.



Combined with Proform Speed Rating Class Pars to find truly run races you can spot outstanding performances on the clock at a glance.



When Class Pars and Sectionals are used in conjunction with our Power Ratings you can find standout betting opportunities!


How do I get started?

First, you will need a subscription to the Proform Platinum Package.

Then you will need a subscription to Timeform's sectional times so you can download their Excel files

Once both are in place, you will then need a copy of our Sectional Importer and instructions on how to use it.


I have all the requirements, how do I get my hands on the importer?

Just drop us a quick email with you Proform Platinum Subscription details and we will send you a link to the importer and the instructions PDF.