At Proform Racing we provide lots of ratings within our Professional Form Book and on our Race Guides. 

In the Professional Form Book we have form ratings, class ratings, speed ratings, official ratings and our Flagship Power Ratings and Odds Lines.

Nearly all of these can be queried within our system builder and seen on the race cards within the Professional Form Book.
You can find simple or complex system using our ratings and save these so any qualifiers are flagged up when a runner matches your criteria.
In the Professional Form Book we also have dynamic speed ratings which you can filter based on today's race conditions. i.e. Today's ground is Soft. You can filter all the speed ratings in the form book so you only see Soft ground speed ratings.

In the Race Guides we carry two ratings, our Power Ratings and Odds Lines and for each horse it's Last time our Speed Rating.

Power Ratings and Odds Lines
These are created using sophisticated statistical methods. They are calculated using software that simulates 1000’s of different scenarios using different race factors for each horse in the race.
The result of our computer analysis is a Proform Power Rating that on average finds the winner 60% of the time from our top 3 rated.
With the power rating converted into odds not only will you be armed with unique info not found in the public domain, you will also have at your fingertips the data you need to identify value betting opportunities in the market. 
The Power Ratings are shown on our Race Guides and can be imported into our Professional Form Book for analysis in the System Builder.
To find out more about our ratings, take a moment to look at the video below or look at the comprehenive information on ratings within the Learn More section.

Speed Ratings
At Proform we create a speed rating for every runner in every race when we compile our results on a daily basis. 
We use our own unique standard times which we continually update.
You can analyse our speed ratings using the System Building in the Professional Form Book.
We have more info on speed ratings here.