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Samples of past Proform Race Guides

Here are some links to recent races and big priced top rated winners so you can take a look at the unique nature of our visual Race Guides.

24.10.14.Doncaster.13.50 - Star Of Seville @ 100/30

23.10.14.Ludlow.16.50 - Carobello @ 9/2

22.10.14.Worcester.16.35 - Whatdoesthefoxsay @ 4/1

21.10.14.Lingfield.15.30 - Top Offer @ 3/1

20.10.14.Plumpton.17.30 - Mariet @ 13/2

19.10.14.Cork.13.50 - Vote Of Confidence @ 7/1

18.10.14.Ascot.16.45 - Bronze Angel  @ 20/1


On average the winner is found in the top 3 power rated horse 60% of the time! 

for example, below are yesterday’s results for our Power and Speed Ratings


Race Guides

Since its inception back in the Victorian era, the humble racecard has provided information on

  • The race – time, venue, value, distance, going and list of declared runners, riders and trainers
  • The form of each declared runner
  • A concise biographical account of each runner.

A typical horse racing racecard “should” help you make an informed choice about which horse to bet on The format of the racecard and content has changed little since its first inclusion in daily newspapers and on websites such as The Sporting Life, Timeform and The Racing Post …  … until now … .. Something different as arrived from Proform Racing!

The Proform Race Guides


  • Proform Professional Power Ratings
  • Sire Distance and Going Preferences
  • Identification of  well handicapped horses,
  • Identification of  horses with faster than class speed ratings
  • Utilisation of  modern statistics presented in a graphical form for ease of interpretation
  • Summarised Trainer/Jockey course statistics and trends in an easy to read table
  • Draw Bias and Pace Map for all the runners so you can anticipate how the race could be run

Plus much much more.


The daily Race Guides are provided in PDF format in a race by race zip file for your convenience. They will be uploaded in the main the evening before racing but occasionally on the morning of racing.

Race Guide KEY

Below is a link to a document which provides descriptions for each of the fields used in the Race Guide Proform Race Guide Key

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