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The Professionals Computer Form Guide

Welcome to Proform Racing; the only all-in-one horse racing software that has been the professionals choice since 1995.

If you’re looking for powerful horse racing form guide, statistics and dynamic horse ratings then there is only one computer form database and research tool for UK and Irish horse racing you should be using.

The Professionals Form Guide – Proform is the choice of many TV horse racing pundits, plus we provide racing statistics to Racing UK, which are used during their live broadcasts.

Our horse ratings have earned a reputation second to none, that’s why well known tipster’s to TV pundits rely on our form database to pinpoint betting opportunities.


Instant Access to five powerful tools

  1. The Professionals Form Database provides ultimate customisation.  Our horse racing software gives you a unique edge over 99% of punters.
  2. The System Builder adds a layer on top of traditional handicapping, which will take your betting to new levels.
  3. The In Running Module will give you the tools to make your trading decisions 100% easier, research back 2 lay, lay 2 back, in running percentages, prices and much more.
  4. The Insiders Club will add that extra dimension to your membership experience including powerful horse ratings, daily positive and negative racing statistics and big race previews.
  5. Race Guides Platinum members receive the NEW visual info-graphic Race Guides for FREE or you can buy them daily, weekly or monthly.


We’ll even train you how to use our software

The Training Course, 32 Module’s that will guide you through our horse racing software ranging from getting started to more advanced techniques.

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