5 things you didn't know about Dundalk

February 14th, 2013

NOTE: All statistics are from 2009 onwards.  

Top and Bottom Trainer

Top Trainer

There are plenty of very good trainers at Dundalk and it is very easy to pull them out using Proform in a matter of seconds. Here in this free blog post we will give you one trainer. Tracey Collins, 14 wins from 98 (14% SR), expected winners is 8.  This means the trainers runners are winning 71% more than expected.  

Bottom Trainer

Once again there are plenty of trainers with very poor records at Dundalk one of which is:- John Oxx, 11 wins from 129 runners (8.5% SR), expected winners 24, which equates to a 54% worse than expected record. In fact you could have layed all of his runners to a liability of 1pt and made 19pts profit after 5% commission at BSP for very little risk.  

Top Trainer/Jockey Combination

T G McCourt and B A Curtis have the best record with 11 wins from 97 runs (11% SR), which is 78% better than expected. There are a whole host of other combinations, some positive, some negative, however we will let members find those with a few clicks of the mouse.  

Top Jockey

There are two jockeys who win 63% and 41% more races than expected and both return a profit to SP of over 50pts each. Below is the 41% jockey, we will let members find the other. Shane Foley, 66 wins from 473 rides (14% SR), 56pts profit to SP.  Expected winners 47.  A/E index of 1.41, which means he wins 41% more races than expected.  

Top Sire

There is a myriad of sires that do well at Dundalk, it is in fact a gold mine once you starting digging with the correct tools (Proform). Today we will give you one sire:- Hurricane Run, 11 wins from 60 runners (18% SR), 20pts profit to SP, 41pts profit to BSP. 68% win more often than expected.  

Bottom Sire

Daylami, 0 wins from 53 runners (0% SR), there should have been 5 expected winners.    

Gold in the Sand

While researching this FREE blog post we found a ton of profitable angles for Dundalk using Proform. Draw, Sires, Trainers, Jockeys, Combinations, all of these had lots of angles.   This blog took us less than 1 hour to compile using Proform's unique report presentation system.   Joining Proform is simple, you could be up and running within an hour and finding all these angles in next to no time at all.