5 things you didn't know about Kelso

February 14th, 2013

NOTE: All statistics are based on 2008 onwards.

Best and Worst Combo

Trainer Nicky Richards and jockey Brian Harding have the best combination figures of 7 wins from 37 runs (19% SR), which is 29% better than expected. Keith Reveley and James Reveley have the worst combination record of 4 from 31 (13% SR), which is 23% lower than expected.  

Quick Returners

Horses running at Kelso within 7 days of their last run have a better than expected record of 18 wins from 122 runners (15% SR), which is 19% better than expected. If we examine the quick returns further and look at their finishing position last time out we see the following:- Finished in the 1st three last time out and running with 7 days at Kelso, 14 winners from 34 runners (42% SR), which is 62% better than expected. Finished 3rd or worse last time out and running with 7 days at Kelso, 4 winners from 88 runners (5% SR), which is 38% worse than expected.  

Top Jockey and Bottom Jockey

The top jockey is Ryan Mania with 22 winners from 169 rides (13% SR), which is 54% better than his expected winners. The bottom jockey is Dougie Costello with 4 winners from 72 rides (6% SR), which is 45% worse than expected.  

Chases, Top Trainer

The top trainer in chases is Nicky Richards with 12 winners from 43 runners (28% SR), which is 58% better than expected.  

Hurdles, Top Trainer, Top Jockey

The top trainer in hurdles races is Alan Swinbank with 9 winners from 31 runners (29% SR), which is 58% better than expected. The top jockey in hurdles races is Harry Haynes with 9 winners from 53 rides (17% SR), which is 78% better than expected.