5 things you didn't know about the Northumberland Plate

June 27th, 2013


Ascot and Haydock Form

9 of the last 16 winners ran at either Ascot or Haydock last time out. The expected winners is 5.8, which means runners coming from these two courses are winning 55% above expectations. The qualifers today are Blue Bajan, Oriental Fox, Mubaraza, Noble Alan, Brockwell, Sun Central, Mashaari.  

Older Horses

Horses aged 6+ have won half of the last 16 renewals from 109 runners. This is 59% above expectations. In contrast the horses aged 5 and lower have also won hald of the renewals but from 187 runnersm which is 30% lower than expectaions. Once again in this years renewals the majority of the horses are 5 or younger. The positive qualifers aged 6+ are Blue Bajan, Noble Alan, Crackentorp, Ingleby Spirit, Tominator, Address Unknown, Ile De Re.  


Horses carrying above 9 stone have a poor record of 2 wins in the last 16 years from 72 runners. The expected winners is 5.40 so they are currently running at 63% below expectations. On the flip side horses carrying 9 stone or lower are winning 26% more than expected taking 14 of the last 16 renewals. The horses carrying 9 stone or lower today are Noble Alan, Party Line, Mubaraza, Moidore, Brockwell, Arch Villain, Scatter Dice, Mashaari.  

One Recent Run

Horses who ran once in the last month have won 11 of the last 16 renewals. That's 29% above expectations. Horses with one run in the last month are Crackentorp, Mubaraza, Montaser, Good Morning Star, Brockwell, Handsome Man, Sun Central, Mashaari, Oriental Fox.  

Race Fit

Horse which have 3 or more runs in the last 3 months have won 9 of the last 16 renewals. This is 30% above expectations. Qualifiers today are Crackentorp, Party Line, Mubaraza, Good Morning Star, Moidore, Brockwell, Scatter Dice, Mashaari, Oriental Fox.