5 things you didn't know about Richard Hannon at Goodwood

May 23th, 2013

Richard Hannon holds an excellent record at Goodwood.  This simple blog post shows you just a few of the angles into his runners.


Overall Record in Last 5 Years (2008 to date)

He has had 534 runners at Goodwood winning 86 of them for a 16% strike rate. The expected winners from the 534 runners is 68, so the 86 winners are 27% above expectations and you could have backed them all on the exchanges for a 92 point profit.  

Horses Age

If we break down Richard Hannon's runners at Goodwood by age we have two standout age brackets.

2 year olds

He has had 50 two year old winners from 245 runners for a 21% strike rate, which is 33% above expectations.

3 year olds

He has had 26 winners from 203 runners, which is 21% above expectations.  

Debut Runners

When Richard Hannon introduces a horse at Goodwood he has a strike rate of 24% with 16 winners from 68 runners which is 60% higher than expectations and produced a profit of 40 points to a 1 point stake at SP.  

3 Week Break

When Richard Hannon's horses, running at Goodwood, are returning to the track within 3 weeks they win 27% more races than expected. The full figures are 42 winners from 260 runners.  

Hughes and Hannon

Unsurprisingly Richard Hughes holds the best record with Richard Hannon at Goodwood with 53 winners from 253 runners for a 21% strike rate, which is 36% above expectations.