One reason for Irish dominance at the Cheltenham Festival

March 20th, 2021

The dominance of the Irish runners at this years Cheltenham Festival was amazing and disappointing if your a British based trainer.

Here is just one of the reasons why the runners from Ireland have demolished the British for many years.


Use the Proform Software I have just performed a quick calculation on this season (01/10/2020 to yesterday) of the number of NH races in UK and IRE and the average prize money to the winner (after adjusting for Euro to GBP) (not including Cheltenham)

There is obviously a lot more races in UK over the period but the start difference in the average prize money per race is stark!


Here are just graded races

This second image just hits it home more.  There are more graded races in Ireland, so you would think that may mean less prize money to spread around?  The figures in the image show you that this is not the case at all.