COVID-19 Proform Subscription Update Statement

May 15th, 2020

We have added 15 days to your Proform expiry date.

That makes a total of 80 days added to all subscription expiry dates for all members.

This will take the earliest expiry date of any member including the ones on free access to
Midnight on June 5th.

We have not taken a penny in subscription since racing stopped and don't intend to take
any payments until we are up and running!

It is possible that UK racing might be starting again on Monday June 1st. 
This will mean you will receive five days of live racing to use Proform

If racing does not start by the 1st June then we will of course extend your
subscription again.

Remember we have just released new v2 race guides and of the
Proform Software, so please check in to the website, upgrade and have a play
with the new features.

Stay alert, protect the NHS, save lives.

Kind Regards
Simon Walton, Owner, Proform Racing Ltd.