Why should I subscribe to Proform?

June 1st, 2019

The single biggest barrier to joining Proform that we hear hundreds of times a year is the price!

We’ll show you in this blog post why this is not an issue in the slightest and what else Proform has to offer.



We supply readymade systems right out of the box

When you subscribe to the Proform Platinum package and install our software you will receive seven ready made systems right out of the box.

We provide three system that utilise Betfair SP and four system that utilise betting with bookmakers who offer BOG.


The Three Betfair SP Systems

Over the last 3 years these systems have made a combined 684pts profit to 1pt stake (after 5% commission).

That’s £6840 to a £10 stake on each horse. This would cover a Proform subscription at full price nearly twice over and if you take out a yearly reduced cost subscription it would easily cover the subscription cost and still leave you with just short of £4000 in your pocket!


The Four Bookmaker Systems

First, let’s clear up what we mean by bookmaker systems.  You bet on the selections with a bookmaker who offers BOG (best odds guaranteed) either the night before racing, at breakfast time on the day of racing or around mid-morning on the day of racing.

Some bookmakers off BOG the night before, some after midnight, some after 8am or 9am in a morning.

A lot of bookmakers are now allowing you to win a maximum amount on any single bet on the day of racing and are even allowing once restricted accounts access to this offer.

Onto the four systems.

The combined profit at evening price with a bookmaker offering BOG is 4071pts in the last three years.

At breakfast prices it is 3160pts and at mid-morning prices it is 1963pts.

Here is a table of what profits you can achieve at the three different times you could place the bets using a £10 stake and the profit after three years Proform subscription at full price.





£10 stake




Profit after Subs





You could drop the stakes as low as £2 per bet and still cover subscription costs on all four systems.

One final note…

The three Betfair SP systems also work to bookmaker prices and make much more than the £6840 to £10 stakes.  At evening price, they make £39910, breakfast £35810 and mid-morning £24150 before subscriptions.




When you become a Proform Platinum member you will also be invited to our private WhatsApp group.

In this group you will have access to: -

  • Nearly 80 systems to plug into Proform.
  • Help and Support for all aspects of Proform.
  • Like minded individuals who are always willing to help.
  • Vibrant horse chat about systems and trading.



  • Filter the form
  • Find patterns
  • Pace Ratings
  • Store and import notes
  • Store and import ratings
  • Breeding data
  • And much more, click here



  • Research 1000’s of angles
  • Store systems
  • See daily qualifiers
  • Automate systems to place bets
  • Research breeding, dam, sire, damsire



  • Pace Ratings
  • Pace Percentages
  • Pace Maps
  • Easily predict a race pace



  • Class indicators
  • Pace maps
  • Well Handicapped
  • Pos/Neg indicators
  • Sire data



  • Find bets in a few clicks
  • Powerful stats behind every button
  • Find lays in a few clicks
  • Mobile ready web app
  • Find trades in a few clicks



  • Export data direct from the software to csv in a vareity of ways.



  • You can quickly see B2L or Dobb strike rates for 50% lower in running
  • You can quickly see B2L or Dobb strike rates for 70% lower in running
  • You can see L2B strike rates for horses which when winning have gone 50% higher in running
  • You can see L2B strike rates for horses which when winning have risen 12 ticks or more in running
  • 50% B2L or Dobb strike rates in our pattern matcher
  • PLUS two very powerful features :-
  • You can filter the racecard to today's conditions and all the in play data is refreshed to reflect the filter
  • You can look at past results and see the data pre-race and compare to the outcomes



  • See all our videos here



We think you can see from all the above that you get an immense amount data and tools when you subscribe to Proform.

If you do nothing else but choose one or all seven systems, we supply you and bet on them even to very small stakes you WILL MAKE MONEY.