Proform Launch New Race Guide Features

March 8th, 2019

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Today (Friday 8th March 2019) we have added two new data fields to every race guide screen and tab.

They are PRB and 50%SR and we explain more below.



This is the average of the percentage of rivals beaten in each run. This new metric is a stronger predictor than traditional strike rate.

Nigg Bay is a good example in the image above who has won just 1 race from 15 races but has beaten on average 64% of his rivals in those 15 races.



This is the 50% lower in running strike rate. The horse Togoville has a 50%SR of 55%. 

This means that he as droped lower than 50% of his exchange starting price, in running, in 55% of his runs.

This metric can be used to easily spot B2L's, L2B's, Dobbs and Trobbs.



We have also colour coded both fields to show when positive and negative using traffic light colours of red, amber and green. 

Here is the colour coding key




We have not just added these to the race card header view, we have added them to every tab and data point in the race guides!

On the Past Performance tab you can see PRB and 50%SR for career runs (CAR), at the distance (DIS) in this race class (CLS) and at the course (CRS).

This allows you to see patterns to a horse's form using PRB and patterns for trading using 50%SR.

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On the Horse Going tab you can see the horse's performances on all goings with PRB and 50%SR added. Once again, the patterns will stand out!

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On the Positive / Negative Stats tab each stat contains it's related PRB and 50%SR.

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The Draw Bias and Pace Prediction tab contains the same two new variables against the draw in a flat race.  The PRB will be a massive help in seeing the draw bias and there will be some draws that can point to trading opportunities for backing or laying.

The Course Pace Bias Stats also include our new metrics and once again will show you the way.  Sometimes leaders at certain course and distances have red PRB's or very strong green ones, coupling these with the same 50%SR pos or neg can lead to some interesting insights on how a race may be run.

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Every other tab also contains both new metrics!  Load up the race guides and explore!

Form patterns will leap off the page!

Trades will be at your fingertips!

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We will be posting more help soon.