Automated Betting on Proform Systems

December 31th, 2019

Update: More info can be found on this BF Bot blog link aswell as below

You can now automate betting on your Proform system qualifiers!

We have teamed up with BF Bot Manager to allow Proform System Qualifiers to pass directly into their Betting Bot Manager software.

Bf Bot Manager V3 allows you to create your own strategies by combining different rules and conditions. You can create as many strategies as you like and run them all at same time. Each strategy by default works for it self, but if needed you can connect strategies so that they work together.

How it works

The Proform integration works seamlessly and will auto bet on your system qualifiers and even adjust for non runners.

Free Trial

BF Bot Manager offer a free trial to get you started which you can download here

How to setup basic integration with Proform

Below are a few video tutorials and tips to help you get started with Bf Bot Manager V3 and setting up of automated betting on Proform qualifiers.

There are FIVE things that you need to do to fully automate betting on Proform qualifiers :-

  1. Download the BF Bot Manager Free Trial
  2. Set automatic loading of markets for UK & Irish horse racing. Here is another short video for this.
  3. Turn on the option to automatically import Proform qualifiers from your local Proform database.
    Here is a video that shows how to do this.
  4. Finally start an example strategy that is already set to bet on all imported qualifiers. This strategy can be modified in various ways e.g. change stake, set it to bet only on tips from specific system etc. Here is a video on starting the example stratergy.
  5. Make sure you have the Proform Non Runner Tool turned on to auto remove non runners.


This can all be tested in simulation mode. Once the bot is set up like this then it will keep reloading qualifiers from the Proform database and keep loading new UK & Irish races as they become available at Betfair. This means that the bot can be left working 24/7, betting on imported qualifiers from the Proform database. 

There are many other settings to fine tune betting and filtering or selections/markets, but this is very basic setup that can be done within a minute or two. 

Advanced Setup

More advanced setup would include duplicating or creating new strategy to bet on imported tips and setting each strategy to bet only on tips from one system. That way each system would have its own profit/loss and it could use different staking plan instead of level stakes. 


For more help on how to use BF Bot Manager click here or visit their contact page